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By Kevin J

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  1. I am looking to upgrade my irons. Injuries kept me from playing golf for a few years but I am well now. My current set of irons are 735 CM which I love and hit pretty well. They are old and I want a new set. I am looking for any suggestions.

    Thank you for any advise and assistance.


  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Look for a Titleist Thursday event near you and schedule a fitting (it's free). It'll give you the chance to work with a Titleist fitter to find the correct irons and shafts for you. The selection is located under FITTING on the top level menu.
  3. David ARK

    David ARK
    Sayville, NY

    I agree, go for a free fitting. Hit the whole new line. See what “feels” and performs the best for you. Can’t go wrong with anything in the current lineup. It’s all personal preference, especially with the looks, sound and feel. Only you will know what you like. There’s nothing like a Titleist fitting day with a qualified fitter. Just go, have fun and keep an open mind. Keep us updated!
  4. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    If you're gonna invest in a set of clubs, the best advice is to go see a professional an try out some different sets. Sounds like a hassle but in the end it will be worth it!
  5. I appreciate all the insight you guys provided. I will look into the club fitting with Titleist. The great thing about that is there are so many selections. Thanks again guys.

  6. JSmith

    Charlotte, NC

    Definitely give the Concept irons a look. Very long and very forgiving.
  7. K-
    The 735s are sweet, I played them for a few years. You could really “flight” the ball well.
    Anyway, I eventually migrated to the AP-2s and now just ordered a set of T-200s.
    My irons- U-500 (20 degs)
    - T200s (5I-AW)
    - Vokey 50/8 bent to 51
    - Vokey 54/10 bent to 55

    The t200s definitely a hotter and far more forgiving face vs AP2 and certainly the 735s(You don’t lose 8-15 yds of distance if it’s not a perfect strike).

    I think the t200s are a decent balance between a “distance iron” and an old school iron that you can “flight” both up and down.

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