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By Allan B., Titleist Staff

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  1. Thousands of golfers have hit the new T-Series irons at Titleist Thursday events and we've seen lots of social media/discussion board posts from golfers showing off their shiny new sets.

    Whether you've experienced T-Series at a fitting, waggled them in a store, or have a dozen rounds under your belt with them, this is the official thread to share your thoughts and experiences with T100, T200, and T300 irons. 

    (*Note: T-series related posts from other threads will be pulled into this "Official Thread" to help keep the discussion in one place.) 

  2. Billy L

    Billy L
    Rockville Centre, NY

    Just received my T100s 5-9 with the u 500 4and 3 irons, great job Titleist best irons yet

  3. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    I agree!
  4. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    I hit the T100s and U500 today, really considering the switch from all T-MBs
  5. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    I went thru a fitting session and was placed in the PX 5.5 LZ shafts with great results!

    Post fitting I have had the opportunity to mess with a few T100’s in the PX 6.0 LZ and love the feel...weight & performance.

    I’m considering the 6.0’s...they should preform the same correct???

    Cheers, Dr.K

  6. Handicap 4. Old irons Adams CMB. New irons T200 AMT Black. Absolutely awesome. Much better ball flight on my longer irons. Gaps aren’t unmanageable at all. Since buying these, I am trending to a 2. Bought the 4 hybrid iron for 220 off the tee and works great.

    Get fitted and dig deep to buy these. Major difference in my iron game. Any other experiences with them?

  7. Fantastic morning testing some new Titleist T200's irons with Matt Crowhurst

    Results were amazing, my dispersion was so much tighter with the T200's than my AP3's. Spin rate up to 5330 from 4125 and who doesn't like a bit more ball speed as well. Settled for the Project-X LZ - 6.0 shafts and Pro V1X balls.

    Thank you @titleistukireland

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  8. The T200s are beautiful, I really fancied some of these but I found the T300 seemed to feel better to me (18hc) the sound of the 300 compared to the 200 was so distinctively different. I loved that also. I always said if I were to upgrade to the new series (current Ap1 716) then full fitting would be done somewhere.
    I see your carry was further but total was very similar. That’s got to be great for stopping it on the dance floor.
  9. Chris T

    Chris T

    Titleist keep making clubs better and better

    I have AP2 (718) but massively tempted for an upgrade having hit most of the new range. I love the flexibility to have combos helping make a difficult game slightly easier higher up the bag.
  10. Can't hurt to toss in my experience.

    At a TPI fitting in 2017, I was fit into 716 CBs with Project X 7.0s. I'm only an 8 handicap so playing such a small profile iron was intimidating, but they looked awesome and a tour-caliber fitter said I could handle them, so naturally, I went for it. A flush shot never felt better, though a miss never hurt worse. I also went with the CBs because I'm pretty steep and the wider-soled AP2 felt a little clunky with heavy turf interaction. 

    When T100s came out, I figured they'd have the same turf interaction as AP2s. I couldn't have been more wrong. 

    The turf interaction is one of my favorite attributes of the T100s. Just as good as the CBs. I also loved the 716 CBs for the traditional looking "badge" or back of the club. The technical-looking badge of the T100s turned me off at first, but I have to say, the T100s look every bit of CB at address and knowing there's some tech "under the hood" gives me a lot of confidence before pulling it back. I've also had a handful of golfers start thumbing through my bag saying how great the T100s look, which vainly makes me feel even better about them as well. 

    Literally the first time I put them in play, without taking them to the range, I tied my career-low of a 77. Absolutely love them!

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