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By WMignery

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  1. Wanting to update my driver, hybrids, and wood. I play all 913 right now which my driver is a 913 9.5 D2. And hybrids are a 3-4. And my wood is a 3 wood 15 all my current clubs mentioned have stiff flex shafts which all got updated recently. With all that being said should I go with all 917 or brand new?? Need opinions please thanks.

  2. Bogeypro

    hampton cove, AL

    Personally, I love the 917 line. I’ve shot my best scores ever with them. I prefer them to the 913 line. The new 917 has been excellent for me, it they require a good fitting to really dial them in. I think the ts driver might be easier to get low spin distance off the rack. As for the ts fairways... I didn’t find them to be better than the already excellent 917 fairways. They do have higher end look with the piano black, but I’m a long time Titleist player and can appreciate the throw back grey of the 917.
  3. N Anthony S

    N Anthony S
    Portland, OR

    I too play a 913 driver. This past weekend I went for a driver fitting and found that I was getting 15 yards longer on my drives with the new TS D2. I anxiously waiting for Titleist to deliver my driver and put into play.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The common quote is off the rack clubs are optimal for 10% of the population. I certainly know I’m in the 90%. You can try off the rack and a TS2 fitting and see which is optimal.
  5. Highbury

    Charlotte NC

    I gained a few yards with the 917 over the 913. I gain a lot of yards with the TS3 over the 917

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