Time for new irons?

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By Mark M

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  1. Mark M

    Mark M
    Downers Grove, IL

    Wanted to ask the group - is there a rule of thumb for when to buy new irons?

    I currently play a 710 AP1/AP2 combo set which I got fitted for back in 2011. The irons are still in good shape given their age (I play about 40 rounds per year) but I was wondering if I am missing out in any new technology with the newer models? I confess I probably suffer from iron envy too when I see shiny new models at the store! I do try to change my wedges every year. Any thoughts are appreciated - Thanks!


  2. Need for upgrade is up to the user. if you are comfortable with your current setup, then do you really need a change? I am a sufferer of new club envy, i update more than is needed. I think the biggest thing you will notice is feel and distance with a newer set, but distance is going to mainly be because of the stronger lofts they are putting on the newer setups.
  3. harry h

    harry h
    Lasvegas, NV

    I too change irons probably more than I should but titleist has me hooked on their entire line of clubs and clothing. I’ve been changing irons every two years as the new ones come out but gotta say after being fitt for ap3 s I may not change as often as these with the correct shaft in my case aero tech I’m a senior golfer .these are best I’ve hit getting fit instead of box store off rack made all the difference.
  4. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    I upgraded to AP3's last year from 710 MB/CB combo set. I decided I wanted more help to enjoy the game more. The process of getting fitted is the real plus in the change. I have new irons that fit where I am in my game right now. I think you will see a benefit from a tech change given 7-8 years between products. I think its worth it to go to a Titleist Thursday event and see what are some options for a possible change for you.
  5. I played Eye 2s for many many years. Got fitted a few months gor the first time ever and my hdcp plummeted due to proper fit.

    If your clubs fit. I doubt you will gain as you have nice irons.
  6. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    4-5 years is a rule of thumb for me. I got my AP1 716'S when they first came out, so when they come out with 720's, I'll start to look. Ultimately, all new clubs that make their way into my bag have to be an improvement over what is in the bag now.
  7. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    I change mine every two years when the new models get released. I do play and practice quite a bit and the wear on the clubface is pretty noticeable. If you only play 40 rounds a year you can probably go 4 - 5 years. If there is some new club tech that helps your game it never hurts to change more often.

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