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By Cole H

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  1. Hi everyone. I've just been fitted for my AP3 irons and I'm in love with them. Would anyone sudgest upgrading the rest of my bag to Titleist?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I definitely would. My bag is complete. There's many that are in search of best of breed or in search of the next best club for this year. Because of the emphasis on tailoring sets rather than pre-packaged sets at retail sites, I can easily find a fitting option with the emphasis on finding what works for me and to properly gap my clubs for play-ability within my game. Keeps me from coming home with a 5 or 25 yard gap between irons and hybrids.
  3. With no doubt Cole. If you love the AP3’s, just think what the rest of the bag will be like. Just make sure to get properly fit and you’ll never look back. Hope you got them well.
  4. Zangetsu


    I did this started with Some second hand mix. After that got a 915 D2 and Some sm7’s than I was hooked. Got a new staff stand bag, and upgraded all clubs to match the Titleist standard of the bag. Just shy of one custom delivery of my 818h1 hybrid for a full bag.

    Could not have been happier I made this dissicion as it brought me lots of joy! And i’m sure it will do for you!


    Cole, I would hit them first to see but, if it were me, I would definitely upgrade to an all Titleist bag of clubs. : )

  6. Ummm YES!! Last Fall I got fit for the 718 AP2's. And since then I have upgraded from 1 60* wedge to 3 Vokey Wedges. Also, my Fiance bought me a Driver to replace my png, as well as a Hybrid. And last week a new Scotty putter. I can attest that every club has been an upgrade. Performs better, and I see the results both in practice and on the course. Also more forgiving when I make a mistake. Plus with a new Titleist bag as well it all ties it together. Trust me you wont be sorry if you choose to.
  7. I would say it will depend on your financial situation to step out and buy an all new Titleist set-up could be quite pricey. I started with my irons a few years ago and shop slowly for last years used models buying a couple clubs a year. Hopefully someday I will be able to upgrade but it is simply not in my near future!
    Hope that helps!

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