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By GElliott

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    I have a general query concerning swing weight for a club repair/build.

    I purchased a used set of 712 AP2 irons (kbs Tour stiff) at a good price to experiment with v 712 AP1 (dynalite xp gold reg). I really like the irons and strike them as well as the AP1 with only a few weeks of winter practice.

    Unfortunately I’ve broken the 7i shaft inside the ferrule, upon stripping the grip (shaft labels not on any iron) a kbs tour stiff #5 is revealed. Having taken club to my pro to enquire about repair it’s also revealed to be almost +1”.

    I’m able to source a set of std length pulled kbs tour stiff shafts with GP Tour velvet corded locally which pro will fit.

    What attention would need to be made re: swing weight? Can I tell pro to build SW like for like with current AP2 or does it need tweaked given the rebuild will be standard length and no softstepping? Is there a standard sw per club they should be built to with kbs tour or am I worrying about this too much?

    Thanks in advance, sorry for a long winded message.

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    If he's doing the whole set, he can weigh the old ones first and match at the build. Other option is to go standard D2. At least the whole set will match. It might have been tough to get that 7 iron to feel like the rest of the set. He knows what he's doing and i am sure will get you what you need.

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