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By David C

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    Looking for some thoughts on the KBS Tour shaft. Been playing project X 6.0 shafts in my irons for the last 12 years. Getting new clubs this year and torn between which shaft to put in. Stay with the trusted Project X 6.0 or try the KBS. Been fitted twice, one fitter recommended KBS, other Project X. Thoughts? Thanks Dave

  2. Rich T
    Shrewsbury, MA

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    Interesting that the fitters recommended different shafts. What were the results and numbers that led them to that conclusion? Did you feel you were striking the ball differently on each of the days?

    I have played both the PX and the KBS. The last 2 sets of AP2s I have had the KBS Tour and still love them. I will say, I hit the 718 AP2 shafted with the PX LZ and really liked the flight. I plan to do a Titleist Thursday fitting later this year to compare my 714 AP2s with the 718 line.
  3. Mark N
    Cascade, IA

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    Had Project X 5.5 shafts in last set. was fitted and went to KBS Tour in set I use now. Only thing I worried about was ball flight.
    Play in all kinds of weatherwind so like to keep ball flight lower if possible. Fitter watched closely and put me in the KBS. I did not really feel any difference between the 2.
    If you feel a difference go with what feels better. I love my new clubs, still hitting it good.
  4. kevmi2az
    scottsdale, AZ

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    I’ve played the kbs s+ for 3 years now and love them. Feel so much softer than dgs and especially project x. I would definitely try them.

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