How many new clubs do you buy after declaring your bag is set?

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By CTgary

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  1. It started as a rational plan. I decided to replace my irons this Spring. I am pretty satisfied with the rest of the bag. Ordered a set of AP3’s and could not be happier. Then I saw the Vokey SM6 wedges were marked down. I got one. I got another. This morning I thought I would hit the Titleist driver in a simulator - just because. Bought a 917D2. Bought a 915F2. And an 818H1. I realize I need help at this point. Instead of getting help I did what made perfect sense to me. I went back and bought a Futura 5.5M. So at least I can now say the bag is set and update my TT profile, which will not be changing anytime soon.


    When do the Vokey SM7’s come out?

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  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Looking good!
  3. Outstanding! Yes you need help, but not new clubs! haha Congrats to you on a nice new set!
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    LOL... I feel your "pain". I truly need to keep the bag I put together last fall the same for more than one season. ....Except for the Cameron and Crown Select coming Thursday to compete with my X5r.
  5. Wow! I thought I was the only one who said their bag was set and then looks at some other club to add to it. Your set-up looks great. Just in case you're interested, the SM7s are going to be in the stores on March 9th. Fairways and greens.

    Mark F
  6. John M

    John M
    Clayton, CA

    Up until a few years ago, I would continually buy new clubs trying to build the ultimate set. I finally got smart and got a Titleist fitting for the AP1 irons, 915 driver and 3 wood and hybrids. I got variety of SM5 wedges which I swap out depending on the course or weather-48,54,56,58 & 60. I've stuck with my Newport 2.5 for a number of years and it is the only putter I own so I'm not tempted to switch it out. Since I've come up with my set, I've left it alone and my playing has improved because I know what each club's distance will be. Depending open my budget-(I'm retired), I use the NXT tour s or the Prov1x. I will try the new tour soft when my current supply goes down to a dozen balls.
  7. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    Face you're an addict as we all are
  8. Gary D

    Gary D
    Cranston, RI

    Your set looks good. Congratulations. Think you might need an update on the putter. Scotty Cameron has new models out ! Then you would need an update on your wedges, new ones available in March. Then . . . . . (See how it works ?) I do the same thing. Thank God Titleist only updates every 2 years. If I used TM, I would be bankrupt by now.
  9. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I don't know about you, but I am always trying to tweak something somewhere in the bag. It's an ever-evolving, never-ending process. My bag is never SET. However, there are periods where I do THINK it is set, for the time being. It rarely stays that way for more than 6 months though.

    The AP3 release threw a monkey wrench into my "all-set" AP2-716s. Then I sorted that out with a combo arrangement, but my SM6s are worn out. Time for SM7s. Once they are all replaced, I'm set. But wait, did I hear new drivers might be released early? It's an ongoing battle. Get used to it.
  10. David C

    David C
    Vicenza, Italy

    Great setup. You are going to love those ap3’s. I am saving for the Tmb irons and oh yea a new 917F 15*. Have fun this year
  11. Paul C

    Paul C
    Beech Mountain, NC

    I gave up even attempting to fool myself into believing my bag is ever "set". Love everything in it and all the rest of the "stuff" that was in it before new "stuff" came along. Not that I'm complaining. Each new addition has performed better than what it replaced. Can't wait for the next release.
  12. Just purchased AP1s which I TRULY needed as my TM RACs were 10 years old, had stiff graphite shafts which I no longer have the head speed to hit with any effectiveness or distance. Surely, as I'm looking with lust at the 2018 Mid Staff bag or the Club 14 Cart bag, this would be a good purchase so I don't have my Titleist irons in a TM bag! Which, of course, leads ever so logically to the need for a new driver to replace my TM R7 Quad, again, stiff shafted and old technology...not to mention the shaft broke on my classic TM Burner Bubble 3 wood months ago and I haven't replaced that so new Fairway woods make logical sense, too. RIGHT?

    Believe me, I feel your "pain." For, as we all know, buying new clubs is just sooooo boring! Good luck!
  13. Nice! Glad to see I’m not the only one, but I did go with the SM7s even though I had just bought the SM6s only a few months ago!
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