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By Keith M

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  1. Keith M
    Acworth, GA

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    Just had an iron fitting at my local club, can't say enough good things about our head pro, Bill who did my fitting.

    Tried 3 clubs, the T-MB, AP3s, and AP1s, the latter being my current gamers, the 712 series. After hitting a ton of balls, Bill helping me with my swing a little, and checking all the numbers, we settled on the AP1s with Project X 6.0 shafts, 1" long, 1* upright, and keeping my Winn Dri-Tac midsize grips. Making the shaft change was the real winner.

    All the clubs were great, launching high and far. The T-MBs were most like my current AP1s in terms of distance, incredible feel, and more spin. The AP3s were awesome, I loved the look, distance (+10 yards), and feel. But, being a higher handicapper, I couldn't ignore the +20 yards and better consistency I got out of the AP1s. Titleist really outdid themselves again.

    Can't wait to get these bad boys out on the course once they come in.

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    I enjoyed reading your post. I am all fired up to do the same. Best of luck with the new sticks.

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