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By RScott

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    Having recently purchased ap3 iron 3-p, I would like to buy new wedges but unsure if I should go with 3 or 2 then buy a 2 iron for between my 3 wood and 3 iron, Thoughts TT?

  2. Ronald H
    Meridian Idaho

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    Wait for the new SM7 to come out. I have SM6's and love them 48, 52, 56, and 60. I tend to use the 48 and 56 the most, 52 everyone once in a while and 60 just sits in the bag. I have 4-pw, use 19 degree 818 H2 Hybrid and 917F2 Fairway. I use the F2 once in a while. To give you an idea of what I play, I average 220 with my 4i and 235 with my H2, then about the same with my F2 so hence the reason why the F2 sees little action. So I don't know if I would buy a 2i as to maybe a hybrid. But it's what you like to hit. Just something to consider.

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