718 AP1 3 Iron - Hybrid Replacement

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By Chad W

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  1. Chad W
    Farmingdale, NY

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    Howdy! Has anyone experimented with putting an AP1 3 Iron in their bag instead of a Hybrid?

    I started hitting an AP3 4 Iron again this past Fall and took my 21* 816 H1 out of my bag. Have always liked playing long irons off the tee as I seem to have more control.

    The AP1 3 Iron looks intriguing as an option for that. Maybe even putting a graphite shaft on it.

    Experimenting is fun but can be expensive. So if anyone has tinkered with this club, any feedback would be great.


  2. Dwayne N
    Island, KY

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    I have put a AP1 3-iron with a graphite shaft in my bag and pulled out the hybrid. So far the initial results have been promising just really can't make a true evaluation until spring arrives and I can hit it normal conditions not 30 degree or below and 25 mph winds.
  3. Tom J
    Vernon Hills, IL

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    Is a 3-iron available with the 718 AP1's? It doesn't appear to be listed in the specifications. If it was available, it's something I'd want to try.
  4. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Not really. Love the control and distance I get from the 816h1s with the shafts that my Titleist fitter set me up with. It's all in the shaft and correct fit. At 71, do not think long irons would be my best friend. Carrying two 18* and 21* then a five iron (716AP1s). Leave those long irons to you young guns.
  5. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    I am very curious myself. I have contemplated nearly the same set up, but with an AP1 718 4i with graphite shaft. I carry AP3 718 5i and 6i with AMTs, as well as AP2 7i-PW.

    Do fitting carts at Titleist Thursdays or in Golf Galaxys/Dick's provide 4 irons for demo/testing, or only 7 irons? Though I would much rather try this out on the course over a comprehensive variety of lies, just being able to try them off a mat, inside on a simulator might be somewhat helpful.
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    Hi Doug, We only have adjustable fitting heads in the 7 iron. Our product specialist should have several standard sets in stock shafts so you can look at and hit all the irons.
  7. Chad W
    Farmingdale, NY

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    Hey Guys, thanks for the replies!

    No, the 718 AP1 does not have a 3i which I should have mentioned. I was looking at taking the 4i and bending from 21* down to 19* or 20*. Will have to see how would impact the bounce/leading edge. My 718 AP3 is at 22*.
  8. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    Thanks for your quick reply, Cathi.

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