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By David

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  1. David

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    I’m trying to decide what wedge to use with my new set of 718 ap1’s, I could use the 53 degree wedge that’s a special order with the set or I can use the 54 degree Vokey wedge. I usually use this wedge for full shots from about 110 yds so forgiveness is important, but I’ve used a 54 m grind vokey around the green and it worked really well. I guess my question is how good is the stock ap1 53 degree around the green? Is there a vokey grind that’s more forgiving on full shots? Maybe F? I’m just curious to see what other guys are playing, thanks!

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    I have 718 AP1 Gap 48, Vokey SM6 52 and 58. It's a great set up but might go 48, 52, 56 and 60 soon!

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    I prefer the vokey's myself, but that's just me. I would get the 48.08 F grind as your gap wedge, and keep your 54.08 M grind. I think if you hit your 54 m grind well from distance, why change it.

    Maybe throw in a 60 degree lob wedge if you need it. That would give you good gapping.

  4. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    In your case, keep the 54. The W2 isn't as well designed for use as a replacement for a true wedge and lacks the feel. The 48 is a good alternative to the W if you take time to work on your short game. Save that thought if you plan to work with a coach on technique and the coach recommends to get fit for wedges as a progression.
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    I currently have the 716 AP1s with the PW at 43*. Beyond that I use a 47* Vokey SM6 F grind. This was a 46 that I had raised to the 47. Then I have a 51* SM5 F grind that I had lowered from a 52. After that I have a 56* SM6 S grind as my sand wedge. All of the Vokeys work well on full shots as well as for chipping and short pitching. My former set was 2008 AP1s with a 45* PW and a 50* GW. I have found that the 50* also worked very well for chipping and short pitching. So, to answer your question, the 53* set wedge should do a good job. But, my only thing might be that you can't do as many "trick" shots with a set wedge as you might with a Vokey. So, if you happen to use standard type wedge shots like I do, then either set up should do the trick. But if you like to open the face and do the fancy type shots I'd go with the Vokeys. Fairways and greens.

    Mark F.
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    My C16's I have ordered come with a 43* PW and a 47* W. I have also ordered a 54.10 Vokey. If the gap is to between the 47* and the 54* I can close this up with a 48*. C16's can only be ordered as a full set, given that they are limited in quantity but I'll give the W a try and see how I like it. It's only 1* weaker than my current 822OS PW so I think it will be fine.
  7. Steve N
    Chapin, SC

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    I faced the same dilemma with my new 716 AP1s. For me the Vokey feel is superior. Plus, I can confidently execute so many different kinds with the Vokey - High, Low, Spinner and Runner. I ended up with 48, 54 & 60.
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    I have exactly the same set up as RyanM, 48deg AP1 and then 52 and 58 Vokeys. I used to play one more wedge in past (46-50-54-58), but I realized that it was too much for me - with one of the wedges (54) I played hardly ever, so I changed and I rather added one more club on the long end.
    So it is up to you, but if you were happy with 54 Vokey, I would not go for AP1 53.
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    I’ve got the 718’s also and I’m pw, 48 ap1 wedge , 52/08 vokey , 56/08 vokey and 60/08 vokey and it works perfect , also a perfect 4* gap for the short game , I never have that in between club feeling from 125 in
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