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By Todd D

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    I am currently hitting a 915D@ 10.5 driver with regular flex shaft. It is time for a new driver. I want to stick with Titleist and upgrade to the 917, but I am not liking the way I hit it. I have also noticed that Jordan also has stuck with the older 915. Titleist is certainly not the cheapest, and not the most expensive, but with all the drivers coming out, can someone give me a reason to stay with Titleist??

  2. Deno
    Hawthorne, NJ

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    I suggest an appointment for a driver fitting . Titleist Thursdays near you will fit the ticket.

  3. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    It's quite simple...they are the best!

    Why is it time for a new driver? I am still gaming my 915 and have no plans to change anytime soon (I know Titleist may not like hearing that). The reason is that my 915 is still performing as well for me today as it was the first day I put it into play two years ago. My occasional bad shots are a function of poor swing, not the club.
  4. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    If you get fit properly for a 917D, you will hit it better than you can imagine. And Titleist has the best customer service in the business. You will be satisfied. There's two reasons to stick with Titleist. There are many more.

    The 917 feels different than the 915 off the face. I originally thought I was hitting my 915 further. But then after doing a side by side comparison, I realized I was getting more yardage from the 917. Substantially more. I was fit for the 917 at a Titleist Thursdays. I fit myself for the 915. Just sayin'.
  5. Todd S
    Beavercreek, OH

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    Web Simpson still plays the 913 Driver. It's preference not the club.
    If your not hitting the 917 as well as your 915. You probably don't have the right shaft. Go to a quality fitter.
    As for what to stay with Titleist. Quality would be my answer.
  6. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    My personal opinion is the 917 is enough different from the 915 that getting fit is necessary to gain the most benefit. If buying off the rack, it is an expense that may not provide enough value. Any other driver with the variety of available shafts as Titleist will be in the same $400+ price range. Titleist drivers don't just come in a factory A-R-S-XS flex, R flex can refer to more than 10 available shafts with different kick points to accommodate how each individual swings. In my case, what I was fitted for was 20 yards longer than any off the rack combination. That made it worth it to me. To note Jordan's selection, the 2nd place player carries a 917 15 degree fairway even though his hat and ball are from another company. He does have the 718 irons and many are using the 917 drivers. I wouldn't use his decision to decide if the 917 was right for me.
  7. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    You are getting a product that does not change every ninety days to six months. A good driver is going to run you $400-$500. I like the support and the R&D that goes into Titleist products. I have two 915Ds, one 9.5 and a 10.5. I found when I went to a Titleist fitter at the driving range, I actually picked up 11 yards with the 917D2. It took us a while but we eventually found the right shaft and head combination. When I first went for my fitting it was a windy day and the setting did not comply to a calm day of golf. I called him and he set a follow-up fitting and fortunately it was a calm day, he put me back on the Trackman, dialed me in and the accuracy of the 917D2, along with the additional 11 yards brought a smile on my face. He set my loft at 11* and has my spin around 2200. I am 70 years old and when the trackman said 250 yards, consistently and straight over our target, I knew this was the club for me. He put a Fujikura Tour Speeder 64 Stiff in my club and I am loving it. Billy Forbes, who is a Titleist Product Specialist/Fitter is the best in my book and I go to him each time I get new clubs. Oh, they make a sweet looking club also.

    REASONS: Timely R&D before they release their clubs, which is every two years. Great follow-up and support when needed. Awesome results from their fitters. Free fittings during their Titleist Thursdays. Great looking equipment. Great results on the course. And the name on the bag says, QUALITY equipment.

    Just an opinion and I have played most the major brands (Wilson Staff, png, cally, TM, miz) prior to permanently switching 100% to Titleist five years ago.
  8. Dwayne N
    Island, KY

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    I was hitting a 915D2 when the 917 D2 came out I went to a titleist Thursday. I was hitting a reg flex that I was fit for locally but after 30 minutes with a certified titleist fitter I like Chuck was fit into a speeder t's 64 stiff flex. And wow 20 yards extra off the tee. By all means see a fitter then look at everything that titleist does for their players be it pro or amateur they make sure that you are playing the best equipment for your game. Excellent equipment, this forum, free fittings, great customer service and team titleist with all their free swag and contests. Won't find that anywhere else.
  9. david s
    South Wales

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    I agree with Deno, getting fitted with Titleist and trackman paid dividends for me, after attending a Titleist Thursday I changed from a TM M2 (which I was hitting well enough!) to a 917 D2 and gained a noticeable better consistent flight and around 20 yards.
  10. Tom B
    Northborough, MA

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    I'm lucky enough to almost always have a good chunk of $$ in the pro shop from weekly sweeps, and have purchased a number of drivers over the years. Not searching for a game but I could always get one with credits. So I've used many. I too had the 915, but didn't like it quite as good as the 913 before it. A friend had a png G30 that he kept pushing on me, so I tried it and found it was the most forgiving driver that hit it long. WAS being the key word. I changed jobs, play a little less and don't have the credits I used to. But I went to a Titleist fitting and tried the 917 D2. Got fitted right, with a great fitter, and all the numbers on. I've found The 917 to be the best all around driver I've used since I can remember. Forgiving, long, good sound, still able to exert some control and work it and superior feel and sound. Had to pay for most of this one, and it was worth every dime. Find a fitting and give it a try.
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    Hello Todd. I would echo everybody else who advised to go see a fitter before you decide and have them show you the numbers. I know that the price tag is a huge issue when it comes to changing equipment, but once you see the actual numbers compared to your 915 you can probably see if the change is a good return on your investment. I have hit nothing but Titleist woods since Tiger was hitting the PT Metals and currently have a 17 D3 that is amazing. I am still trying to recover from left knee surgery, but the last time I played I hit a high 375 yard baby cut on the 18th hole down the gut that my best friend about had a stroke over since we saw the bounce and knew it was not sprinkler aided. Not a bad poke for a 55 year old with 3 knee surgeries and 1 shoulder surgery on my resume. Please let us know how your fitting went if you choose to go down that path. Play well amigo.
  12. H.C.
    Hong Kong,

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    I've just recently took the plunge and bought a 917 D2 even though I was perfectly happy w my 915 D2 (even though I had put an ugly scratch on bottom of face - but does not affect performance). My initial thoughts:
    - 917 D2 ball speed and therefore distance not significantly higher than 915 D2 on well-struck shots off center of face
    - 917 D2 backspin not significantly lower vs 915 D2 (like others have mentioned)
    - 917 D2 does deliver better ball speed and therefore distance on off-center shots
    - 917 D2 does sound a little bit better than the 915 D2 (though I have gotten used to the 915 D2 sound)

    So overall initial conclusion: Though I am not unhappy w the 917 D2's performance, I probably could have stuck w my 915 D2 for another year or two.
  13. H.C.
    Hong Kong,

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    Also seems like the 917 D2 launches a little bit lower than the 915 D2...

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