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By Peter L

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  1. Peter L

    Peter L
    Steubenville, OH

    I purchased a 716 T-MB 4 iron at my local Golf Galaxy at the end of last golf season. I am just now getting around to registering some new clubs I purchased and am having some trouble finding the serial number on the T-MB. I know the club is legit but do not have the sticker anymore and can't find the receipt. What am I missing? Help Team Titleist!!!:)

  2. twain s

    twain s
    Las Vegas

    Its should be on the hosel, its faint so some times hard to see but if you look with good light you should see it. some times you need to use a magnifying glass to make it out.
  3. Peter L

    Peter L
    Steubenville, OH

    Here are some pics of my hosel. Can't see the # anywhere...
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
  4. Hi Peter, If Golf Galaxy took the 4 iron from one of their "stock" sets, there would not be a serial number on it. You may want to contact your Golf Galaxy and have them look up your order for you.
  5. Had a similar situation . Have AP1 5 thru p and hit the 5I so well I bought a 4I on eBay but am concerned that it has no serial stamp
  6. I bought a used set 716 TMBs from Roger Dunn in Honolulu. All the irons have serial numbers. However, when I went to another store to regrip the set, I look at the brand new set of 716 TMBS they have for sale. The serial numbers of their set seem to be stenciled on the hosel differently. Now I am concerned if my set may be counterfeit. How can I verify the authenticity of my set?

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