What are these ProVs stamped "Test"?

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By Scott G

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  1. Just a curious little thing here, anyone know what year these are? I was sure I saw 2018 model when I ordered, but looking back now I don't see that in the order, but anyone know what year these are from? The gray arrows look like 2013, but the ball doesn't feel like those did, and the dimples look newer.

    I got these from a well known seller of used and refurbished golf balls, these were billed as "Titleist Pro V1 Test Golf Balls - Limited Availability"

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  2. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    That's one of the "test" balls that Titleist sends out to Titleist Staff pros, Team Titleist members, and others who sign up to volunteer to try the next generation of ball before it is brought to market. You don't know whether it is a ProV1, AVX, soft, or what, but you fill out your survey on it's performance and your experiences and send it in to Titleist.
  3. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    That is a prototype ball that among others. Team Titleist members are fortunate enough to get to try. Be active enough in the Team Titleist community and who knows what may show up in your mailbox someday.
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    That arrow was used on the 2013 model so looks to be limited pre-2013 test balls. My guess anyway.
  5. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    I agree with Dale V. Tom B,and Bill L.
  6. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    Dale is correct!!!
    2012-13 ProV
    Post Image
  7. Joey L

    Joey L
    Foster City

    I was given a sleeve of the same ball at TPI in 2016.
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  8. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I have one of those in my collectibles and I got mine in 2016.

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