AVX vs Tour Soft

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By Nick K

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  1. Has anyone compared spin rates between AVX and Tour Soft?

  2. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    For me AVX has more spin than Toursoft
  3. AVX (like all urethane balls) spins more than Tour Soft (or other non-urethane balls), especially on partial shots. Very little difference on driver shots, noticeable difference on iron and full wedge shots, huge difference on 30, 40, 50 yard wedge shots.
  4. I play TourSoft at present but have bought some AVX to trial.
    The Titleist ball finder system identifies TourSoft as the most appropriate ball for my game, but we are all searching for improvement, after all.

    I sort of struggle to square the circle between the "piercing flight" of the AVX and the greater spin it generates versus the "soft feel" of the TourSoft.
    Am I missing something??
  5. There's not much to miss, really. The Tour Soft "feels" softer than AVX. Presumably a lower compression core, like most very soft feeling balls.

    The AVX does have a low ball flight, by design. According to Titleist they introduced a new dimple design on the AVX specifically to make it fly lower.

    AVX also spins more than Tour Soft, again by design. It has a urethane cover for more spin and control, Tour Soft does not.

    In my experience (couple hundred rounds with AVX and just a few rounds trying Tour Soft which I did not like) both balls pretty much work as promised. Tour Soft is a soft feeling ball, AVX is a urethane ball with unusually low ball flight. Just like it says on the tin, so to speak!

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