The dilemma of what ball to play - any suggestions?

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By Kevin M

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  1. Hey Team TItleist,

    A little about my game - currently around a 16 handicap. I struggle off the tee with distance because I hit a fade (slice if it is really bad) which really impacts my ability to score on any longer holes.

    I go back and forth between the Tour Soft, NXT Tour S, and Pro V1. I love the feel of the ProV1 off the tee but always worry it will increase my slice because of the spin. Any truth to this?

    Should I commit to just playing one? If so, if I pick the ProV1 will it hurt my game?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    My suggestion is that you consider your whole game and then pick your ball. If you need extra roll, go with the DT or Velocity. If you need more control around the greens, stick with the ProV1 or ProV1x. Tour Soft is a good compromise. Consider price if you tend to loose a lot of balls. I do like the idea of sticking to one ball, maybe two if you like to switch in the winter. The more you get used to a certain feel and results, the better you will play with that particular ball. Nothing will stop the fade/slice except a little professional swing help. Well worth the investment to find a local pro and get it straightened out. You will have so much more fun.
  3. jonathan s

    jonathan s
    Indianapolis, IN

    A lot going on with this question. Yes, pick one ball. No, a pro v will not hurt your game (quite the opposite). Spin rate doesn’t cause the ball to go further offline, axis of rotation creates the draw/fade & hook/slice ball flight. Any of the options you laid out would be fine. Just stick with one, know how the ball reacts. When you hit a slice/hook it’s not because of the ball and how the ball spins but because the swing you made created an “extreme” axis of rotation.
  4. I'm off about 14 at the moment but was higher in the past and I use Pro V1x. I used to have a problem slicing, sometimes quite badly, but a new set of fited clubs cured that. I didn't even know until I had my fiting that I had a natural draw.

    I play a ball that gives me feel when I putt. If a ball is too soft I just don't get the feedback and my putting just goes off.

    Pick a ball you like both for feel and the look of and try some lessons to try to fix your fade / slice.
  5. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    AVX is a lower flight soft feel and low spin off driver. I have noticed less spin off irons also. I've been playing it since it came out and love it
  6. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    16 hdcp myself & I play the Pro V1 for the benefits I get out of it on all shots, but mainly my scoring shots mid iron and around the green. Pro V1 hasn't hurt my game, me on the other hand that's a different story.

    In a lot of ways a ball is about feel, but some other attributes are important as well, like ball flight, putting, spin....

    Best to play 1 ball and see how it works for you, keep a chart on drives, distance, roll out, ball flight, how it checks up putting feel or anything else you want to chart. Play at least 3 rounds then if you feel like switching, change and play a few rounds with another ball and do the same thing chart it & compare.

    Hope this helps,
  7. Dro



    I see you are in Columbiana

    I play Firestone Farms a few times a year. Sometimes Reserve Run. Do you ever go into PA to play?

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