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By Jeff M

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  1. I know the dozens of practice balls are a mix between Pro V1 and V1x sleeves, I am looking for a way to get all V1x and was wondering if anyone here has recommendations. Going to a local store and swapping sleeves is not an option for me, no one within 250 miles carries them in store. There was an online shop where the order fulfillment guy was phenomenal and was able to mix and match sleeves for me, but they ran out of stock, and as is the case with the practice balls, they don't know when they will have them again. I've been emailing stores but to no avail, and I sort of understand, I'm the annoying customer asking for extra service. And yes clearly I can just buy a new dozen of V1xs, but I'm just trying to save some money here.

  2. When I have purchased the practice balls they have always been either all one or the other.

    Great way to save a couple bucks and still play the best ball in golf
  3. For sure, I'm perfectly happy saving $15-20 per dozen.

    Last time I saw them in a retail store was years ago and at that time they were mixed boxes. From what I've heard from various retailers recently you're right, now it seems to be all one or the other, I just wish there was a way to distinguish the two since I have to buy online now. After emailing quite a few stores, I just put an order in with Carlsgolfland, customer service said they put a note on the order for fulfillment to try to get a dozen V1xs, so we'll see in a couple days if they were able to do it. It's a shame Golfsmith got bought out, they carried them in the store near me, Golf Galaxy only has them online.
  4. I took a chance and just ordered a dozen online, turned out to be Pro V1 instead of V1x. Oh well, I guess that's part of the trade-off with the cheaper practice balls, hopefully a local store will get some in stock.

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