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By Alex G

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  1. I finally got around to trying those new Tour Soft Balls as opposed to the Provx and i think I prefer the Tour Soft.. Although price does have to be a factor for me, i found the Tour Soft very comparable in every way. I actually preferred it around the greens!

    What a great addition to the bag for me!

    Huge thanks to the R&D team!


  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Guys, so many choices with this year's line-up of balls. Titleist, as usual, on top of their game when reaching out to all levels of play. Kudos. A job well done..... Trying the AVX but still keeping my Prov1s in the bag. That extra length helps a senior like myself, but do like the spin on the green of the Prov1. Have played the Tour Soft and is a good ball, but not for me. Prefer the premium balls. Titleist has given us many great choices. =)
  3. The Titleist tour soft rocks, a matter of fact i bought a box of them a week before i got my very 1st hole in one, landed softly on tbe green two bounces and into the cup. Check out this story
  4. dan r

    dan r
    Lincroft, NJ

    Giving the avx optic yellow a try and have been pleased with results. Great distance and ball stops when needed. Next up —- tour soft
  5. I played the prov1 for the last 10 years but tried the Titleist Tour soft and seemed to gain some distance at a cheaper price.I also switched to the yellow color Tour soft because could see it better.Some times with the white ball I would see it in the air but when it landed on the ground I would loose site of it.I had my second hole in one on May 2,2018 on a 189 yard par 3 with the yellow Titleist Tour Soft ball.I going to continue playing this ball till Titleist makes one I like better.Thats going to be hard for Titleist to do but if it can be done Titleist will be the one to do it.
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  6. Tom J

    Tom J
    Newark, NY

    I was playing the NXT last year. Started playing the Tour Soft, I find it to be a little longer and it holds it's shape in the wind. I find the spin to be comparable. Nice ball I will continue to play the tour soft. Once again well done Titeist!!!!!!!!!
  7. Bob R

    Bob R
    margate, NJ

    Waited until now to put it in play. Honestly, I found nothing special about this ball. It just felt like an NXT but without the characteristic feedback. Did not out perform for distance and was not noticeably more responsive within 50 yards. Disappointed as I expected more.
  8. I started playing them a few weeks ago and I can't lose them. I have played several rounds of golf with the same ball and find that they have a consistent flight path even when not hit dead center.

    I am starting to get the feel for them around the green as well and am very happy with them. Curious about the AVX but the course I play doesn't stock them.
  9. Tour soft for the price is hard to beat! Excellent soft feel, holds the greens, and feels fantastic off the putter. Great job Titleist!
  10. Allan D

    Allan D
    Perth, Perthshire

    I have played a couple of rounds with the Tour Soft now and I really like it. Seems longer of the driver with a nice flight and feels lovely of the putter. Will be my ball of choice..... Thank you Titleist.

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