By David C

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  1. David C

    David C
    Vicenza, Italy

    I live in east central Illinois and got to play golf this last weekend. It was in the 50’s and I had to play. The whole day I played one AVX. I was hitting the like it was 90 degrees out. I could not tell anything about spin but I think it will be ok. This golf ball is the real deal. Regardless of what ball you play everyone needs to at least try this ball. Most folks will benefit using it.

    I dont hit the ball long. I have lost probably 12 yards in the last 2 years so I rely on my short game on every hole. I spin the ball a lot so if the AVX will spin like a pro v than look out.

    I hope everyone at least tries the ball. It is easier to get than you think. I ordered a sleeve off of eBay. If u have tried the ball, give me your feedback. Have fun and God bless!

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Yes David, even got my second hole-in-one with the AVX the first week i put it in play. It's a good ball.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Good ball and I agree. I have played it, but am sticking with my Prov1. Anytime Titleist puts out something new, buy a sleeve and at least give it a try and compare it to the ball you are playing. They make a ball for every golfer. You just to find your's. Work on your game, get fit for the right equipment and ball, and you will enjoy the game more. Cheers, Chuck.....
  4. Rob V

    Rob V
    Silver Spring, MD

    Like Dale, I also got my second hole-in-one with the AVX. My first was with an old Titleist Professional and now with an AVX. 17 years playing with a ProV1 (which I love) and no aces. Then the third or fourth time I played the AVX - bingo. Love its feel, distance and the way I putt with it. Please Titleist let us know it will be released nationwide.
  5. William W

    William W
    Brunswick, ME

    Tried AVX for first time yesterday. Used it in rotation with Pro V1 during round. Found no advantages to using AVX. Sort of disappointing given all the positive comments by others. Will continue testing the AVX during the next couple of weeks in FL before returning to Maine. Initial reaction is I will continue using Pro V1 and Pro V1X, but we’ll see what next few rounds reveals.
  6. Randall R

    Randall R
    Smithfield, NC

    David, it is a great ball (other previous posts), glad you could find a sleeve to play. I'm in the Edwardsville area, and found a shop that has them in stock, so keep checking around. Your game sounds a lot like mine, and this ball does spin well on short shots.
    Maybe we'll run into each other if you frequently play in the Springfield area. Good luck!
  7. I recently took a trip to San Francisco and was hoping to locate a dozen at one of the courses I played, however, I had no such luck. Being that Pennsylvania is a 'dry' state for the testing, I am at the mercy of the Titleist team to either launch them nationwide or wait til Fall when I travel to Florida to try to locate them. I have been a Titleist ball tester for several years, and keep writing that if Pro V1's were made in yellow, I would be a full time convert- AVX is my hope that this is true. I do break out ProV1's on certain days, but in the meantime, I continue to play the srxn Zxv for visibility and playability sake.

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