Head Weight Adjustment Needed?

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By Michael D

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  1. Hello All - Recently purchased TSi3 with the standard 45.5 length shaft. Liked the shaft but still hit my 915D3 better. 915 has a 44.5 playing length and the head has a 14g weight (standard is 9g?). In any case, I imagine I need to reduce the head weight but trying to understand how much is required when adding 1 inch to the playing length. I tried the config with no head weight changes and I am hitting a block fade so I am curious if a weight change may fix that (of course that could just be the way I am swinging right now).

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You might need to work with a Titleist fitter. They would have full set of weights and can go through if the problem is shaft length, different swing weight, or pick up on a swing fault.
    Playing with lead tape would be your best do-it yourself option and then ordering the closest weight if that is a problem. You can also move the draw-straight-fade on the -3 model.
  3. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    Adding 1 inch will increase swing weight 6 points requiring a 12 gram reduction in head weight. Where you hit the 44.5 inch driver better I would suspect that length is just a better fit you- maybe add 1/2 inch but 1" may just be too much. In truth most golfers would be better off with a 44.5 inch driver shaft than 45.5 inch. Also every 5 gram increase in grip weight will reduce swing weight 1 point.
  4. Thank you... I wish Titleist had stuck with the 45 inch standard. 12 grams is a lot to add with lead tape or weights (not available). Went back to the 915 at 44.5 and I am hitting fairways again!

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