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By Nicholas P

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  1. Hi Guys, I’m looking at buying a new set of clubs but I will need some help with what ones suit me best. I struggle to find left handed clubs that I can trial so can anyone advise how I would go about trying out some left handed sets or getting some advice? Thanks

  2. Most authorized retailers will at least have a left handed 7 iron to demo and can try different shafts. Same with drivers/woods. Demo day events or titleist thursdays in your area will also have some options for you.
  3. Amanda S

    Amanda S
    Palm Desert, Ca

    Have you tried this out to help you find a course that offers a trial set.

  4. Shane_Train

    Pilot Mountain, NC

    Not sure where you are located but, if there is a Club Champion retailer/fitting center near you that is a great option. Being a lefty myself I feel your pain. I got fitted at a Club Champion and they have a lot of left handed gear (with the exception of putters). It's a little pricey but, they run half price specials a couple times a year and in my opinion it was a great experience. If you buy the equipment though them, the fitting is free.
  5. Scott D

    Scott D

    Titleist fitting days at clubs are a great option for lefties. I was recently fitted for left handed clubs at a fitting day. Titleist has great options for lefties

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