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By S M

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  1. S M

    S M
    Cork, 0

    I currently game the 913 D2 driver with a regular project x pxv shaft. I received the TS2 as gift with the tensei shaft. However, I cannot get the same speed or distance in the ts2 with either it's stock shaft or the shaft 913. Unfortunately Titleist released the TS1 some time after this and it would have been more suited to me. My question is can the TS2 be fitted with the shafts from the TS1 (i.e. Fujikura Air Speeder 35/40 and Mitsubishi Fubuki MV 39/45.) My driver is black dot/regular weight. My swing speed is 80-82 mph and club head speed 116-118 mph. What shaft and what flex would be a good fit.

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Every driver shaft in the custom options booklet can be used on every Titleist driver from the 910 series through TS series. Rather than installing the TS1 shaft (which cost approx $175.00 here), what I would suggest is that you find a Titleist fitter near you to work with and get your TS2 setup correctly for your swing; including shaft (weight, flex & torque), SureFit weight and SureFit Hosel setting.
    This is just a thought, but as an alternative to putting in a new shaft you could trade-in your TS2 on a TS1. If shops/stores near you don't take trade-ins, then sell it and apply the sale price towards a TS1.
  3. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    I should have also said that if you decide to purchase a TS1 you should still go through the fitting process.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    If your driver head speed is low 80's, then you should find a fitting to see if the TS-1 can help. At the fitting I picked up 3 mph club head speed (about 8-10 yards) and since with a lot of time at home to work on conditioning, I've picked up another 3 mph to around 90-91 and see 230+ yards hitting a firm fairway.

    I did make the decision to sell the TS-2 to help offset the price. At the list prices of shafts, I haven't found adding a new shaft has been of enough value over selling the current model and getting fit for the correct head, loft, and shaft. If you elect to buy a new shaft, you may need to get a lighter weight for the head and possibly a heavier grip to keep the swing weight from getting too heavy. The TS-1 head is considerably lighter.

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