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By michael h

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  1. Hello. Looking for any input on an issue I am having. I was fit for a new set of irons decided to go with the mp-20 mb, and was fit into +1/2” length and 2 degrees upright. Im coming from a set of beloved 712 MB’s that are standard spec. Both sets of irons have modus tour x125 shafts. I’ve played the mp-20’s for 10 rounds and a few range sessions. I am consistently catching them on the toe and a touch high on the face. I’ve gone back to the shop to have them looked at and they say there’s nothing wrong with the fit or the club. I’ve been golfing for 22 years and have never had this impact pattern before. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks.

  2. The standard specs between titleist and miz are quite different, a 2* upright miz plays only 1/2 a degree more upright than a titleist standard. The head shape design is also a bit different, titleist generally has a boxier look to them, meaning the heel and toe are closer and the face a little deeper, while miz is stretched a bit longer between heel and toe and a little shallower. Its minuscule millimeters but it does change the aesthetics at address. Your specs are probably fine, you might just need a little longer to get to know them. Have an instructor or fitter look to see if you are making a counter move to the longer lengtg - ift may take time to adjust to the new length and if you are "trying to make room" and falling back on your heels that will get the toe strikes going.
  3. Jon S

    Jon S
    Collinsville, CT

    Maybe you were badly fit for the MBs and have learned compensations that are revealing themselves in the new clubs? Or, you were just "over fit" for the new clubs, meaning the fitter got a little over zealous with making a set with custom specs that you maybe didn't really need.

    Most people can play standard length clubs. There isn't much advantage to lengthening clubs unless you're really tall with short arms and you feel uncomfortable hitting your wedges. Otherwise, you're probably doing more harm than good.

    Generic Signs Your Clubs are Too Long
    You have to stand up almost completely straight.
    You’re unable to move your lower body using proper swinging mechanics
    The ball often flies off to the left and too high.
    The club’s shaft feels very weak
    You’re constantly hitting the ball with the toe of the golf club.
    Signs Your Clubs are Too Short

    Generic Signs Your Clubs are Too Short

    Swing path is in to out
    You have to bend too much at the waist
    You have too much bend in the knees
    The tempo is too quick
    The ball often goes to the right
    The ball usually hits on the club’s heel

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