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By Yeongki K

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  1. I just purchased t200 with +0.5 in. My height is 6ft 2in, fingertip to floor is 29-29.5 in, and wrist to floor is 36.5-37 in. Do I need to adjust lie? If I do so, 1 degree or 2 degrees? Thank you.

  2. Did you work with a clubfitter? No way of knowing until you see your shot dispersion and if it is a fitting flaw or a swing flaw that is causing it. Titleist starts off a bit more upright than most manufacturer's. Go see a clubfitter, if you need them bent most places can do it in house or you can send the clubs to titleist and they can bend them.
  3. Jon S

    Jon S
    Collinsville, CT

    Were you fit for the clubs? To adjust for lie, you have to hit off of a lie board with tape on the bottom. Everyone is different so there is no telling what you need for lie angle. Someone that needs +1/2" will probably prefer something around 2 degrees upright, but you're completely guessing without being fit for lie angle.
  4. jgun71

    Mattawan, MI

    That’s a good question for a certified fitter. There’s a lot that’s goes into that equation. Those physical measurements are only a piece of the puzzle. Your swing plane and body/hand position at impact are much more critical to the proper fit.

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