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By Spike

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  1. Spike

    BC, Canada

    I know in the past, Titleist used to tip their shafts 1/2 inch to play true to flex in their drivers. I understand this no longer happens?, why would that be?, I am going to be putting a AD IZ 6S in my TS3 driver, and am thinking of tipping it 1/2 inch to play a little stiffer, I am between a S and X in flex, anyone have any recommendations on how much tipping to play a hlaf flex stiffer or so

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    That shaft is in the Titleist matrix as an exotic shaft. At least for US fitters, Titleist certified fitters can order 1-off order the shaft for fittings through the local Titleist rep. If your Canadian site can get the -S and -X shafts, you can try both, and if needed, give specifications to tip the shaft to your needs.
    The Tour AD site did not recommend tipping these shafts. You may want to work with a fitter to see if it can/should be done. Titleist tests all the shafts in their matrix and will know the standard tipping for these shafts.

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