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By Corey T

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  1. Corey T

    Corey T

    I want to have the swing weights of all my irons adjusted to D4; currently they range from D4-D6. My wedges range from D6 to E0 so they would need to be adjusted as well but to D5

    My local PGA Tour Superstore suggested that I send them back to Titleist for have them adjusted. I wasn't aware that was an option (lol). Can you send clubs back for adjustments like that??? If so,what is the cost and has anyone had any experience with sending clubs back to Titleist for club work?

  2. First question would be what made you decide D4 was what you need? I am guessing your clubs are longer than standard length hence the slightly heavier swingweight. Aside from getting new clubs set to the swingweight you want - Titleist has different weighted heads to fit the desired swingweight you have basically two options - add more weight to the grip either with heavier grips, extra wraps of tape or counterbalance weight plugs in the grip. Or you can have a skilled craftsman drill out small holes in your irons/wedges - this method is used on tour quite a bit, Vokey even offers the drilled holes as an option through wedgeworks.
  3. Corey T

    Corey T

    The D4 decision was based on hitting clubs of different weights. My current set is 1 inch over standard and will definitely need to be counterbalance weighted because they already have midsize grips with 3 wraps of tape (smile).

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