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By Brett L

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  1. Brett L

    Brett L
    Kennesaw, GA

    I have a 905T with an original Grafalloy Blue shaft, can my old shaft be upgraded to fit in a new driver?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Titleist won't. They only sell new shafts with a Sure-fit hosel from their matrix. If you buy a new TS, it only comes with a shaft. Why not just get fit to something from the current matrix? That way you'd know how the TS would perform for you.

    You could have a newer driver's shaft's hosel pulled and attached to your shaft after it is pulled from the head. All the 910-TS drivers use the same hosel. It can be done, but the shaft or hosel may be weakened. Would the risk be worth it? You won't know if the old shaft is optimal until you've done all the work, either by you or a third party.

  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Agree with my friend Don O. Why buy a new car and put your old tires on it? I get it, you love the feel and performance of the old shaft. I used to feel that way about the green Aldila NV shaft. That said, there have probably been greater improvements in shaft technology than the clubheads over the past several years, at least equal technology advancements. The right new combo will give you the best results and warranty on the shaft will give you peace of mind. Plus you will have that old "stand by" intact for those days when you want to feel nostalgic
    and take it out for a trip down memory lane.
  4. Brett L

    Brett L
    Kennesaw, GA

    @Dale @Don Thanks for info! I am sure the new shafts have been improved since my current gamer came out. I had several years where I was looking to buy a newer Driver, but nothing could top my current setup. I guess I need to go try the new stuff and see what happens.
  5. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Yep, try a Titleist Thursday free fitting when you can. Oh, and take a trip over to Ted's Montana Grill and get a bison cheeseburger for me. Miss my trips the Marietta/Kennesaw and all the great places i used to eat out there.
  6. I played the 983K with the graphite design ys 9.1 for many years, absolutely loved that club and the heavy shaft without it feeling too boardy. I tried the newer stuff off and on, but finally put it on the bench for good when the TS series came out. I tried a LOT of shaft combinations (your local fitter should be able to order any shaft you want to try for a free demo through the titleist shaft library) some are upcharge shafts, but not all. Ultimately I found a shaft that is very well suited for me and gives me the best feel/trajectory. Take your time, do some research on different shaft options, find a trusted fitter and start the demo process. One will stand out.
  7. Like Brett, I'm still swinging a nearly 20-yr old driver(975J/8.5 loft/EI-70 Truetemper stiff) and manage to find the fairway 60% of the time. I am getting older and looking for a bit more forgiveness and distance with the new tech drivers, so I went to demo the TS-3/9.5 loft/Smoke 60-Stiff), and it felt tip stiff. My old EI-70 seems to have a flex in the tip that seems to help with the launch because it launches higher than the TS-3 demo. I've been searching the internet in hopes of finding the EI-70 shaft specs, so I can try to match those specs with the current, somewhat overwhelming, shaft options out there today. Any suggestions? Maybe I should try to contact TrueTemper.

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