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By chris m

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  1. Hello, just curious about a shaft that is on my Titleist TS2 driver. I purchased it online as a used option but have no idea if the shaft is a right fit for me. What shaft do you recommend for moderate swing speeds (95-100 mph) relatively straight, mid to high launch?

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    What is the shaft that came installed with your driver (brand and flex)? It takes more than just swing speed to fit someone with the correct shaft. If you truly want to know what shaft is best for you, go through a fitting (with a Titleist fitter).
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Including all the flex options of each shaft, there are hundreds of shafts to choose in the Titleist catalog. The reason is we all have different head speeds, transition rates, attack angle, and strike points on the face. Any recommendation from us and not from a fitter watching you is barely of any more value than you picking one based on shaft color or graphics. Learning a little more about shafts for the TS2 links like this - www.golfwrx.com/.../ may help you work better with/when you have a fitter to guide you. The one think I can be sure of - I have no idea what shaft would be best for me and I am fully reliant on a fitter and a electronic tracker to find the best match for me.
  4. Nothing beats custom fitting on trackman! It is impossible to say what shaft is best for you. Titleist has a custom fit brochure that has a chart in it that shows the launch & spin range of each shaft they offer. They also have a shaft performance guide that gives detailed information on each shaft they offer to compare, the higher the CPM number the stiffer it is in the related shaft section. You can compare what you currently have with what your looking for out of a shaft. I found these guides extremely helpful when selecting a shaft.
  5. stephen b

    stephen b
    United Kingdom

    You need to go get fitted, as you didn't say if the shaft was stiff or reg flex, I would think for that swing speed you would need a stiff flex but then you need to look at the weight and kick point

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