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By Jason C

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  1. Once this virus is behind us I am planning going to our local pro shop, and having my first fitting for a set of T200 or 300 irons. I’ve hit them both, and like the 200’s a little better, but I am holding out to see what the professionals think. It has been recommended that I might split my bag between the two, do many of you do this? I was told this at a big box pro shop and not at the one where I will be getting fit.

  2. David ARK

    David ARK
    Sayville, NY

    Playing a mixed set is becoming more and more common. One of the beauties of the t-series line is that they can easily be blended together. More and more pros are doing it. Of course go with what your fitter recommends, but maybe the 200’s in the 7-PW, 300’s in the 4-6. Just go with someone that has experience with Titleist clubs. I’d avoid a big box store. Keep an open mind and have fun with the experience!
  3. Mike M

    Mike M
    Roanoke, VA

    I currently play 716 AP1’s and also plan a fitting with a similar split bag setup. I recommend going to a Titleist fitting location versus the big box. I recently played a round with their Demo set..the Big Box stores can’t offer you this option..this way you will be even more comfortable with your decisions. Best of luck.
  4. The place I’m going is a local shop that is one of the recommended premier fittings by Titleist. I am really excited about it. I love my 716 AP1’s but am looking forward to having clubs that were fit for me. Thanks for the input guys, I hope you stay safe and have a great season.
  5. Chris B

    Chris B
    cypress, TX

    hello Jason,

    I am currently playing a blended set of AP-1 ( 5-7 ) and AP-3 ( 8-PW ). I am very pleased with my current set up. I did my fitting at a Titleist Thursday. Just a suggestion, look for a certified Titleist fitter in your area. Play well and hit em straight.

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