TS2 head weight change suggestion with 45 in shaft

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By Peter C

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  1. Peter C

    Peter C

    I currently play the TS 2 with the Tensai stock shaft, stiff flex, standard length (45.5) and std weight. I am going to start testing the same set up with a 45 inch shaft. Should I change out the weight to the +2 weight in order to get a comparable setup to compare numbers? Any feedback is appreciated...thanks.

  2. I am assuming from your question, that you were probably not fit for the driver. Go see a Titleist club fitter and get fit, or refitted if thats the case. But, to offer a hint of an answer to your question... I am a club fitter and most people won't notice the difference in SW from loosing .5". A good club fitter will be able to tell you with confidence, what set up is best.

    I hope this points you in the right direction.


  3. Peter C

    Peter C

    Thanks Adam for you reply. I was fitted by a Titleist fitter for the original set up. I did not do another fitting when I purchased the second shaft, which is the same one just a .5 inch shorter. I was just curious how going to a 45 inch shaft from the 45.5 inch would effect the head weight in the TS2 head. I am hoping to have comparable setups so I can accurately compare the numbers I get, that’s why I asked about needing to add +2g in weight with the 45 inch shaft. Thanks again for you feedback.
  4. Hi Peter, Assuming you are using the Tensei AV Blue 55 R or S with a stock grip and no extra wraps, the swingweight will probably move from D4 to about D1 if you cut a 1/2". A D1 swingweight is still in the ball park, but if it feels too light, go to a fitter and play with the +2 and the +4 weight. The +2 will get you to a D2 and the +4 will get you closer to D4.

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