Low Spin Shaft for TS3 Driver

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By Michael M

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  1. Wanted to see some advice after I tell you my fun stats from hitting today on the monitor.

    I currently play the 915 D3 9.5 in the Rogue 125 msi TX 60. I hit the ball well but my spin ranges around 3300 or so and I am not getting more than a couple yards of rollout (Doesn't help in the Northeast either with all of the rain and wet conditions). My swing speed is around 111-113 mph. I like my setup, the shaft and most importantly for me hitting fairways.

    I went to Golf Galaxy today to try the TS3 to see if it would get my spin down and more yardage while keeping accuracy and it did. But my results were skewed. I hit the Even flow Stiff, Extra Stiff, Smoke Extra Stiff and even for comparison the rep had me hit a png Max and cally Sub Zero. I did not hit the cally well, I liked the png although distance and spin still not great.

    With the Even Flow my spin was down a touch from my 3300 but still not down that noticeable. These shafts are all 45 1/2" and my Rogue is 45". I put the TS3 head on my Rogue 125 and hit that the best with spin numbers the lowest averages around 2400-2500 with still good launch angle and the most distance.

    So before I buy the $500 driver just to use the driver head, is there a custom shaft (exotic or whatever term you want to call them) that I should try out that you think would help me get lower spin and overall like more than the Rogue since Golf Galaxy only has the stock shafts available to hit? A few people told me to try the Tensei Orange as well as a few others. Any suggestions would be great, but not sure if I will be able to go hit them with a fitter. Worst case I just buy the driver and use my current shaft as the carry and rollout was a good 15 yards more in total that my current setup. Thanks all.

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