Graphite Design Tour AD DI Weights/Flex

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By Colin_P

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  1. I just ordered an AD DI 6X to try out in my 917 D3. I've never hit one or been fitted for one before. I currently play the Diamana Blue LTD 60X and wanted to see what kind of flight the coveted AD DI would give. I've also hit some 70g shafts and was wondering if anyone has played the AD DI in 6 and 7. I was thinking of trying the 7S or 7X and was curious to see if anyone has some feedback on heavier weights/flexes.

  2. The Dom

    The Dom
    San Diego, CA

    I love mine, been playing it for the last couple of years. I've switch between the 6S and 6X, but both produce a pretty high ball flight. The low spin high ball flight works for me since I tend to hit the ball lower with my woods. I've currently been looking at the Tour AD IZ, which was described to me as a AD DI with newer materials. Give it a try, I haven't found anything else to replace it yet!
  3. Thank you! Will give it a try

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