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By Jason P

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  1. Jason P

    Jason P
    South Abington Twp

    So I finally saved up enough to upgrade my sticks. My current setup is: 913D2 8.5 Diamana 72g 904F 15 Fujikura Speeder 910H 19 Diamana Blue 4-5 712 AP1 Project X 6.5 6-PW 712 AP2 Project X 6.5 52-56-60 Vokey 200 Series Oilcan DG Spinners

    I am getting fitted next weekend and am looking to upgrade to a TS driver and 3-wood, AP3 irons, and SM7 wedges. Obviously that may change depending on the fitters recommendation but it should be in that ball park. I have never been fitted before and the irons and wedges are both cut down to 1/2” short. I figured a little shorter would increase accuracy but I often question if it’s hurting me. The shafts are project X 6.5’s and I will admit they are pretty stiff. This is all a result of buying used off of eBay which I am done with. I feel like it will be a big jump in technology but also a nice jump with just the fitting alone. So my questions are 1) Can I expect noticeable results? I am currently at an 11 handicap. 2) If I should be playing standard clubs, will having played with the shorter clubs screwed up my swing to the point where my fitting results will be skewed?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    These are all great questions for your fitter. A good fitting will include a lot of give and take on answering your questions and clearly explaining why the APx will be your best iron and the TSx will be your best driver. Flex and length will naturally expose themselves through the fitting.
    Will your handicap change? Maybe/likely, but you will be more comfortable being able to not have to adjust to an ill-fit club. Dispersion should definitely improve, especially if you have misses left and right.
    ...Yo da man to get this all done in one fitting. I took an hour and a half for metal woods, and wouldn't have had enough reserve to get through hybrids/irons and wedges in one day.

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