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By Don O

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  1. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    More than ever, getting professionally fit for the TS can make a difference. Besides all the cool stuff about the heads that is available online - The shaft matrix is getting a major make-over so be open to taking advantage of some of the newest technology. Look at different shaft lengths to optimize flight to your swing. Note Justin adjusted his by 1/8 of an inch on his way to winning at Firestone that cured his miss. Make sure to take the time to also trial different weights to get the feel exactly where you like it. Be it the TS2 or TS3. Under the #TSProject on under clubs, there are smiling faces holding signs with 3 mph/10 yards gains. Actually, I beat that (4 mph/13.5yards) with driver - but nothing was the same from my 917. Different shaft, loft, lie, length, flex, and head weighting. Now to wait for Christmas in October, unless released earlier.

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  2. Bax


    Thanks Don, can’t wait for my fitting. What are the custom shafts that are going to be available for the TS drivers if you would please share?

    I would greatly appreciate it. I cant wait for September. Thanks Don and enjoy the new TS weapon:)


  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I haven't seen the matrix. I didn't go through a great deal of what will be custom shafts. What I can say is the basic stock shafts will include all new shafts. In my case, the only Diamana M-shaft (Red) I saw was on my own driver. I've had substantial changes in my swing, so what was fit 2 years ago doesn't work best now. I ended up adding a 4W TS2 that was as long as my 917 driver off a tee. The longest club off the deck I could hit 2 years ago was a 7W. Now a 5W is a reliable tool and the 4W may get there with experience.

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