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By Steven A

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking for some insight from tall players about their woods. I'm 6'8" and have been playing fitted irons for a long time now, but have always bought standard length woods. Every time I've visited golf retailers, they always seem to say a standard length will be fine (seemingly to make a sale). I've played okay with my woods, and shown improvement, but I definitely feel that my driver is my worst club in the bag. I'm going in for a proper titleist fitting on Thursday, and I'm just wondering what level of improvement have people experienced going from a standard length to a fitted driver. Is a half inch gonna make a big difference? Thanks for the thoughts!


  2. Zangetsu


    I am 1.87m myself, not as tall as you but dipped my toe in this well before.

    I started playing with irons 1 inch longer second handies. Wich performed okay. After that I went to 1/2 inch longer, which felt better. And currently I am playing stock lengths, same lengths as brother in law which is 13cm shorter than me, about the height difference between you and me.

    I noticed half inch was better for me at the start for striking the ball, however as my swing developped and I applied the right lie angle this wasn’t really necessary. Due to the fact that the length of my arms cancelled out my height. And me not being so upright helped me down to standard length now, and I never struck my irons as pure as now. Only thing I can say is get a static and dynamic fit. Because the two may give different outcomes.

    Also lengthing a shaft does make it feel a bit more loose in my opinion. So enjoy your fitting make sure to ask these questions have them measured and try both lengths.

    I personally am at a stage where I went up and down both sides of the spectrum and I don’t really need anything different than my standard length irons. But i do play a 45 3/4” driver after having played a 44 1/2” one for over a year. Both play great but currently loving the 45 3/4” but this might be the newish feeling.

    Hope any of this helped!
    Good luck on the fitting!!
  3. I am 6’-6” and I play +1/2” irons and 1” shorter fairway metal and 1/2” shorter driver... my putter is 36”. I have been fitted for these by Titleist national staff multiple times. Hope this helps!

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