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By duke m

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  1. One of the most common problems mid to high handicap golfers have is getting their irons in the air long enough to maximize distance. One way to maximize airtime is to increase loft. We certainly see this in todays drivers and are encouraged to increase loft to increase ball flight and distance. Then, why does the opposite seem to hold true for iron loft. Most game improvement irons are lofted one club lower than players irons. For example, the loft on my titleist MB 6 iron is 31 degrees, compared to 27 degrees in my friends cally apex 6 iron. The only explanation for this that makes sense is that better players hit down on the ball, thereby decreasing loft. Whereas most hight handicap golfers try to lift their iron shots, thereby increasing loft. Is there something else that I am missing?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Most will tell you the lower lofts are to offset the higher flight from movement of mass to the bottom of the clubs on more modern irons.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You are confusing marketing and what is best for the higher handicapped player. Regardless of the # designation on the club, slower swing golfers will need to evaluate using a hybrid for launch after the irons in the bag get to 25-27 degrees of loft. Be they 4-5-6 irons. There are improvements in iron that can improve MOI and launch characteristics as Dale mentions, but it doesn't hold true that a golfer that can't hit a 24 degree 4 iron will be able to hit a new model 5 iron that is 24 degree. So the set from 15 years ago with a 22 degree 3 iron will not be easier to hit the 3 iron now that it is 18 degrees.

    Top golfers need consistency and correct gapping more than distance. Unlike me working to get a 7 iron to 150 yards. That matters more to me than having a 43 degree PW and the CB PW is 47 degrees. So the classic lofts are not because of how they strike the ball. It's because they hit a 7 iron 180-205 yards already. It does make me feel better when one of the kids I play with uses a PW to 145 and I only have to use a 7I instead of a 5I.
  4. Zangetsu


    As far as I experienced it ( been from mid strong Nikes to strong callys to now 718cb in almost 1 1/2 years since I picked up the game.

    I myself am a 25 year old quite musculair and a former baseball player. After my first set of 2nd hand nikes months 3 of playing I felt the urge to go down in loft to increase my yardages. So I went to strong lofted callys. I inderdaad gained yardage however I noticed balls wouldn’t grab as much on the greens even though I am a really high flyer of the ball.

    So after that and Some lessons starting this year and off advice of my coach i got myself a present the 718 cbs super weak lofted compared to the former callys Some times 1-1,5 club of loft. However I gained a massive benefit.

    Balls no longer run out of green and just stay where I play them. Also my distance control is 1100% better than before when I hit my 7 iron now I know it is going 155. I know I can change flight or hit slower to hit it 145 but it always goes the same distance which is something I love.

    Also i kind of experienced that forgiveness is not as much of a big deal.
    Havent had the option to hit the mb’s yet but mayb an upgrade for next year

    As for my father in law: 63 he play mcgb’s and is always confused why he can’t hold a green. Can’t get trough to him but he has taken I big liking in my 718 CBS so I might be able to convert him one of these days!
  5. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    The lowering of the lofts is just a numbers game. If you were to to take two clubs with equal lofts, what would determine the distance difference is shaft flex and type and club length.

    The issue with game improvement irons is they are often harder to hit off a tight lie vs "player" irons.

    I pitted an AP2 and AP1 8 iron together. The former has Project X Rifle 5.5 and the latter DG R300. Both same length. The AP2 hits 5 yards farther (140-145) vs the AP1 (135-140). I do have a high ball flight with both.

    I remember that an Eye 2 9 iron is 45*. A modern "player"iron is 42*. I got 115 out of the Eye 2 a few years ago. I get 125-130 out of the RM21 42. I have a 50-08 bent to 48* and my distance is 105.

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