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By Mike B

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  1. If you put the KBS Tour Shaft in the middle, which shafts would you put on either side of it? Which shafts are the most similar to the KBS Tour shaft?

    Thank you, Mike

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    You should refer to the Titleist Custom Options booklet, it provides all the information you are looking for in easy to understand charts and shaft spec listings. You can also use the Shaft Performance guide to compare several shafts against each other (specs).
  3. Hunter S

    Hunter S
    Doral, FL

    Modus 105 is extremely stable and I'd put slightly flatter and lower launching than the tour V 110.. The project X PXI is also a very good mid weight shaft that has a more responsive tip section than the modus and will launch a touch higher even though it's heavier by 7 grams. The C-Taper lite's I'd also put in that class with the KBS Tour series and I'd put them up with the PXI in terms of launch and not very tip stiff. The last in that mid weight class I'd say is the Oban CT-100 as being a really light weight option that flies much higher than the ones I stated as well as the Oban CT- 115 which is in between the KBS Tour and the PXI/C Taper lite shaft options. In terms of going slightly heavier into the 115 range and getting into more stable bend profiles, I think the KBS C Taper has that responsiveness. If you like the feel of super heavy shafts but higher launching, think S300, AMT, and Rifle Blank is the closest you'll get to the KBS tour but going heavier for swing weight and feel.

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