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By Brian C

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  1. Brian C
    Cincinnati, OH

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    Thanks for having your Titleist Fitting days. I attended the Dec. 2nd fitting session in Indianapolis.

    The fitting was everything I wanted. I wanted to hit some AP3s with many different shafts to hone in my trajectory. John Dal Santo (TPI) gave me my fitting. He was awesome! We talked for a couple of minutes about what I was looking for. He took me through the optimal numbers and had me try many different shafts while the whole time giving me feedback with the data he was seeing. Once we determined a shaft preference, we made sure my distance gaps were correct with all my irons. Having someone take the time to for distance gaps between woods and irons and between irons and wedges is priceless. To finish up, we did a complete wedge fitting that I have not experienced before. He gave me some great information on the different grinds and how each one is used. The choice was easy after that.

    Overall, I feel like I picked a winner attending this fitting session and I will go this route anytime purchasing new clubs in the future.

    I want to also mention how nice the Golf Club of Indiana facility is. This place is out of this world! It’s better than any public or private practice training facility anywhere. It’s brand new and has heated bays with distance tracking on the TV screen right in front of you. Seriously, I cannot say enough on how nice this facility is!

    Thanks again for having these sessions. I will be ordering my new set of AP3 irons later this week.

    Merry Christmas! Brian

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  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Good on you, Brian. These fitting sessions are so good. I have been kicking myself the last couple of months for not doing one years ago. I played off-the-shelf stuff and my fitting showed that i should have been playing 2 degrees flat all these years. I will never go without a fitting session on any future equipment updates. Thanks for posting your positive experience.
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    Hi Brian, Thanks for sharing your feedback on the experience with John. We sent a note to John to let him know how happy you were with the fitting and the golf club!
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    Looks like a top notch facility! Congratulations on a successful experience.

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