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    I just completed a club fitting at Club Champion and the best results for me came from using the Oban ct-115 steel X shaft. Is this an option for irons? Upcharge Available?

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    Hi Joseph
    Club Champion and select other custom shops offer shafts beyond our custom matrix. These shops assemble clubs using genuine Titleist heads with shafts they provide. Titleist will warranty the heads and the shop will warranty the building of the clubs and the shafts. If you would like to order Titleist irons with CT-115 shafts, please contact Club Champion for availability and pricing.
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    Joseph, I just got fitted at Club Champion today for the Oban ct-115 x-. I can't believe the price of the shafts. Luckily i noticed my numbers with the project x lz 6.5 were very similar. I loved the Oban shaft but i don't know if i can pull the trigger on them for that price.

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