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    HI, I've had a rest from competitive golf for last 18 months, I play of a handicap of 8, before my golf break my handicap was getting lower. I've recently went for a iron club fitting with my Club Pro but I'm confused with which club is best for me. Warming up, hitting 1/2 dozen shots with my old AP2, I had my fitting hitting 1/2 dozen shots with the new AP2 7 iron followed by 1/2 dozen AP3 7 iron then 1/2 dozen with the new AP1 7 iron. I see on the Titleist data the AP1 7 iron as the same data as a AP2 6 iron etc, so the fitting is not like for like. Can anyone tell me which AP club would be best for me with the information supplied. Roy

    Below is the stats from the fitting.

    The averages. Ball Speed. Carry. Total. Offline. Peak Height.

    AP2 106.0 155 168 1.7L 32 Std. Dev 0.8 1 2 5.7R 0 AP3 108.9 154 154 16.1L 27 Std. Dev 1.7 4 5 8.8R 1

    AP1 113.6 162 174 13.8L 28 Std. Dev 1.6 3 3 6.9R 1

  2. David

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    I play at an 8 also and I just bought a set of AP1’s, I tried a lot of the other clubs AP3’s,etc...and I found then to be much more forgiving. They don’t have the compact look of the AP2 but that doesn’t bother me at all. I can still shape the ball a bit if I want but these would be the only drawbacks I can see and the benefits are worth it. It’s a great feeling when you hit a bad shot and you’re sure it’s going to miss the green but it carries the bunker and you have a putt for birdie! Good luck with whatever you choose
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Of course, numbers aren't the only answer. There is a distinct difference in the offset of the AP1 and AP2. You can see that in the offline, as you pulled the AP1/3 far more. The loft differences can pretty much explain the distances. The distance difference is not great. It comes down to feel, fairways, and greens. Is there one you were most comfortable hitting?
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    Hi Don, thanks for your comments, the new AP2 irons felt the best of the three sets, better than my old AP2 irons, do you think the stats also indicate this?
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    Hi Don, Thanks for your comments. I did think that the AP2 felt better and the strike pattern on the club face was very good, the AP1 felt good however the strike pattern on the club face not as good as AP2.
  6. ben l
    Cumming, GA

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    I agree with Don O. At the end of the day it really comes down to feel. At my club I took 2 sets out for a round AP3s for a round and AP2s for another. That really gave me a realistic feel on what fit me the best. If you have the option to do that I would highly recommend it.
  7. Chris Hatem

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    Spin rates? Which one gave you more confidence? Which looks better from address?
  8. richard f

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    Ap2 for me personally
  9. nate l
    lees summit, MO

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    From those numbers I would go ap2. You hit them the straightest and highest. Could go 4-6 ap3 bent 1 weak and 7-w ap2 bent 1 strong to get the forgiveness in the long irons and keep the height and accuracy in your scoring irons.
  10. Scott P
    Annapolis, MD

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    I have wanted to get the AP1's into my bag every since I got it into my head that the extra forgiveness would benefit me. I have hit my dad's and my brothers but always come back to my AP2's... I even tried an AP1 4 and 5 iron but ended up gaming the TMB 4 and 5 instead. I just like the offset and feel of the AP2's, and on any given day I doubt I suffer much. I bad swing will give me a bad result no matter what I am swinging... on my best swings the AP2's do what you tell them to and look great to me.
  11. Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

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    I had a fitting for AP1 & AP2 714's i went for the AP1's even though I liked and struck the AP2's better it was just that I couldn't justify the extra cost at the time.
    When the 716's came out i went straight for the AP2's for a fitting hit them very well this time I could justfy the cost. Went for 5 to wedge kept AP1 4 Iron
    Been playing with them for a 6 months they're a lovely club look great at address oozes confidence great playability great choice.
    My advice go for the AP2's

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