Second Major of the Season - U.S. Open!

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By Jason V., Titleist Staff

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  1. Well here we are again Team Titleist - ready for the next major test in golf.

    Let's hear your predictions on who will take the season's second major!

  2. FJL

    Kitchener, ON

    Dustin Johnson has to be the favorite I would think, so I'll go with him.

    As a sentimental pick, I wouldn't mind Lefty winning it to complete the Personal Slam.
  3. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Colin Morikawa is primed for this tournament. I am just not sure if his lack of experience will help or hurt him. He has very few emotional scars at this point so he can attack the course with youthful exuberance... But - he also is missing some of the experience that can be very useful in a Major.

    Like FJL - I would also like to see Phil step up and finally put his name on the trophy. I loved his line that he would need at least a three stroke lead on the 72nd hole :)
  4. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    I will go with Justin Thomas ... again
  5. James G

    James G
    Kitchener, Ontario, ON

    Will be hard to beat Justin Thomas if he gets off to a good start. I like Darius pick of Morikawa.
    Dark Horse, Daniel Berger.
  6. Scott D

    Scott D

    JT will win. That’s my pick!
  7. Jerome C

    Jerome C
    London Ontario Canada

    Thomas Pieters as Dark Horse
    JT to win
  8. Peter H

    Peter H
    Delta, BC

    Mackenzie Hughes will keep up his stellar play & climb to the top of the leader board on Sunday

    Go Canada!
  9. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    Justin Thomas is going wire to wire.
  10. Mark h

    Mark h
    Ajax, ON

  11. FJL

    Kitchener, ON

    It certainly doesn't look good for my pick, but at least he made the cut. Tough, tough, tough set up.... just hoping they lay the course out to get some decent scores on Sunday and help the guys make some major moves.
  12. JasonK

    Ajax, ON

    This tournament is exciting. Everyday is someone new on the leader board.
  13. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    That was one tough track this week at the U.S. Open. I still can't believe that only one player finished under par for the tournament !!!! Watching some of those putts that came within 5 feet of the hole then rolled back 30 feet completely off the green was just down right scary. We do have one green like that at my home course, but fortunately they very seldom place the pin in impossible locations :)
    Congrats to the winner !!!!!

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