PGA Canadian open in Hamilton

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By Terry G

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  1. Terry  G

    Terry G
    Sherbrooke, QC

    Anyone going? I'd like to go, meet some tt members and see I'd we can play a ring of golf somewhere on the following Monday

  2. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    You are not getting a lot of feedback since your post Terry...
    I will not be going to the Open, but once you get your travel arrangements made and know where you are staying, let us know. I am just a bit more than a hour away and would gladly come down for a game in the area if you are looking for one. It would be great to hook up with a fellow TT member. Perhaps a couple more would be interested as the date grows nearer. There are a lot of courses in that area :)
  3. Lee W

    Lee W
    sarnia, ON

    I am planning on attending a least one day. Not sure which day just yet!

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