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By Mitch D

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  1. Mitch D

    Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

    Hello Canada!
    It's that time of year again! Spring is making it's return and so is the Titleist Loyalty Rewarded Promotion.  By 3 dozen Pro V1, Pro V1x or AVX and a receive a 4th dozen FREE!

    The promotion kicks off this Friday, March 29th and ends April 29th.  Free personalization is included.

    See a participating retailer for details.

    We hope you enjoy this great offer.

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

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  2. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    Favorite time of year. Stocking up for hopefully a long season this year.
  3. Stephen F

    Stephen F
    Belleville Ontario, ON

    I enjoy this offer every year! Mitch, do you know if it's possible to mix in one dozen in yellow, or do the balls all have to be the same? Just curios..thx.
  4. Mitch D

    Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

    Hi Stephen,
    All 4 dozen need to be the same model. No mixing models within a single order. All participating retailer have these details so they can steer you in the right direction.

    Enjoy stocking up!

    Mitch D
  5. First time being part of TT during this promotion. Can we order online? Or do we have to visit a retailer? (I work right beside Summit so not a huge deal, just curious!). I went to order online but wondering if there is a promotion code or something. Thanks!
  6. Stephen F

    Stephen F
    Belleville Ontario, ON

    Hello David, yes you must see a retailer and it doesn't start until the 29th! My favorite time of year to stock up on Pro V's for the season!!!
  7. Andrew R

    Andrew R
    Burlington, ON

    Placed my order yesterday! Have switched to proV1X from prov1 standard this year after thoroughly testing at the indoor sim and putting in my basement. Higher ball flight and lower spin added distance, and the 2019 X is soft enough for putting. I was able to test the spin around the greens at the end of last season with the Proto balls. Both are great.
  8. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    Interestingly (and I cannot recall if this was the case previously) I saw the loyalty promotion in GT this weekend - I was really surprised but the buy three get four deal (non-personalized) was available there.
  9. Stephen M

    Stephen M
    Mississauga, ON

    Got mine on order through Credit Valley. Like that you can get Prov's in yellow. Easier to see as you age.

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