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By Stephen F

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  1. Stephen F

    Stephen F
    Belleville Ontario, ON

    Hello folks... When the Loyalty rewarded offer rolls out soon, I'm wondering if there might be an option to get a dozen of the 4 in yellow? I'd like to try the yellow Pro V's but not sure I'd want to commit to 4 dozen of them. Any thoughts Mitch? thx...

  2. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    Sale starts March 29 include Pro V1 and AVX yellow balls.
  3. Tyler H

    Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

    At least in the US, you have to select all the same model and color. I would imagine that it is the same for Canada.

  4. Hi Stephen, this is my first year as a member here. Just wondering what this Loyalty reward is/how does it work? Is it an opportunity to buy golf balls at a reduced rate?


  5. Stephen F

    Stephen F
    Belleville Ontario, ON

    Hello David... The Loyalty Rewarded offer is like this: You buy 3 dozen Pro V1's or Pro V1x balls and receive the 4th dozen free. You must personalize the ball in some way and I believe they all have to have the same play number also.
  6. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    I am pretty sure that you cannot mix colors. You need to go all white, or all yellow.
  7. Stephen F

    Stephen F
    Belleville Ontario, ON

    I figured that.... just like you can't have x's and 1's too. I'll probably just purchase a doz of the yellow or a few sleeves to try them out. I've never played anything other than a white ball. I have friends that swear by the yellow and they are pretty excited that the ProV1's and X's are now available in yellow!

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