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By Darius V

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  1. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    I look forward to watching the Father/Son tournament this weekend. It is a lot of fun to see some of the older pros out with their kids enjoying a day of competition on the links. I still remember my dad out with his three sons taking up the game in his 70's just to enjoy some time with "the boys". He did not care at all how high he shot, it was all about family time. The hardest thing to deal with was when he was in Myrtle Beach with us and he found that his favourite club was the ball retriever in all the ponds. He thought he was in heaven scooping all the balls that others donated to the cause :). we finally found the best thing to do was for the rest of us to finish the hole while he hunted and then collect him and his bounty of balls off to the next tee blocks. There were a number of holes he never got to chip or putt on, but at least by doing that we did not hold up play :) I would love to hear about some of you and your memories of playing out on the links with one of your parents !

  2. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    Darius good topic, I only wished I had played more golf when I was younger. I think I only played a total of 45 holes with my dad. He wasn't a big golfer either but every year he would play in his company tournament, so we would go out to a 9 hole course a just outside of Toronto at Hwy 27 & 400 or to Andy Bathgate's driving range on Hwy 10 for a warm-up. Because of these memories, next year I will make it my priority to get my son's out more.
  3. My dad and I did not play much golf until he retired, and then he played more than me every year up until a couple years ago when age caught up to him. We played 9 holes together this past summer, and looking back it may be the last round we play together.
    The best memory I have is years ago we went into a tournament together, the Great Canadian Shootout when we were both members in Seaforth, Ontario. He was playing to a 30 handicap, and I was about an 8 then. 6 holes scramble, 6 holes alternate shots, and 6 holes best ball. He hit the ball further than I did back then, so we got to use his drive on all of the alternate shot holes, and then I could hit the 2nd shot in. We shot even par that day, and with strokes ended up winning. He knocked in 3 long putts, and 2X when I was in the water on par 3s, he was on the green. I don't think he could have played any better. We go to the next round, and he was so nervous he did not hit a drive until the 14th hole. We didn't win that day. I feel very lucky to have played as many games with him as we did.

    Tillsonburg, ON

    My dad isn't a big golfer and it wasn't until I was about 16 that I played my first round. I started my kids in lessons when they were 4 and they have been doing summer camps at our local course for the last few years. They don't share the same passion for the game that I do just yet but I love taking them to the course and seeing their face light up when they hit a good shot. Golf is very mental so they get frustrated with the occasional top or chunk and they let it ruin their hole. They expect to hit every shot perfect. I wanted to introduce them to it early so it can be a great family activity.
  5. I have had both my kids out. The pro in Nova Scotia says that my daughter could be beating me in 2 years if she wanted to. Unfortunately, she is not ready to play golf. Finds it boring. She plays basketball, fastball, and soccer. My son I think could also be really good sometime if he would stop playing Fortnight long enough to practise. Hopefully, some day.

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