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By BMaddigan

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  1. I live and die with my short game. A function of not being long off the tee. So, for years I used one wedge for everything from 60 yards in. I won a 56 degree knock off wedge in my men's league when I was just out of school, and I already had a sand wedge, so I got a guy to bump it up to 60 degree. About 10 years ago, I started looking for a replacement. I would start the year with a new wedge, and by the 2nd month, I was selling it on ebay, and going back to the old one. Name the brand, and I probably had one in my bag at some point. Between buying and selling I was not spending a ridiculous amount of money, but I never really felt comfortable with a new wedge. I ended up with a SM6 sand wedge two years ago, when I sold the set of irons at the time, and the sand wedge went with it. I still had my 60 degree, but I started using this Vokey with low bounce. Now, I have 3 Vokey wedges in my bag, 50.8, 56.8, and a 60.4. Yesterday, they were on full display. Not exactly sure why, because I felt I was hitting decent approach shots, but I only hit 2 greens in regulation, made one birdie and 3 jacked the other one. What stood out yesterday though were my approach shots with my wedges. I got up and down 10 times for par. There were a couple good putts in there, but most of my chip shots were within 3 feet. It didn't matter how far out I was. I was hitting bump and runs with my 50, and shots just off the 2nd cut with my 60, and using the 56 for everything else. I have not tried the SM7s. I don't think I will until these wear out. If it is not broke...

  2. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Like you, I tried multiple wedges over the years. Finally a couple of years back I went to see Chris at the Titleist National Fitting Centre and got fitted for my short game. I ended up purchasing my SM6 wedges. 50, 54, and 58 degree wedges with different bounces based on his recommendations. My short game certainly improved, but certainly no where near your level of success !!!! Looks like I need to get in more practice :)
  3. The new AVX is also really good. Very consistent, easy to spin. I also like the way it comes off the putter.

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