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By Todd J

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  1. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

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    Hi TT, I'm really liking the fresh clean new look.

  2. FJL
    Kitchener, ON

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    I like the old format, just used to it I guess.
  3. Barry S
    Oakville, ON

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    Still trying to get used to it.
  4. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    I thought this was a glitch in the system and the site was not loading properly.
    I have to agree with FJL that I prefer the older format.
    However - As long as we have a site to share our thoughts and experiences with Titleist I am happy. :)
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    Going to take getting used to. As I get older I seem to like changes less and less.
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    Wow...I was surprised by the new look. As others have said, it’s fresh looking but will take time to get used to.
  7. JKissoon
    Ajax, ON

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    I find it a bit confusing, the old format was better. Needs some colour maybe.
  8. JKissoon
    Ajax, ON

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    I'm going to change my last statement. It's not confusing...I guess I was used to the previous look. I also liked how you saw a small preview of the discussion before.
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    There is always resistance to change, part of life. We get comfortable navigating one way and then we have to learn a new way. Same thing happened last time the forum changed

    I personally like the change this time
  10. Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

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    There are several positives with the new format that I rally appreciate.

    Firstly, I am glad that I no longer have to indicate that I am not a robot! The old verification process, while well intentioned, grew to be a major irritant. Secondly, I appreciate the "LIKE" button ... it allows me to share a digital version of the "thumbs up" with comments or posts that I agree with. Thirdly, I like the cleaner look for this format, but it does come with a caveat and that is it could use a bit more graphic / colours to give it a bit of pop.

    Lastly, I like that new posts to an older thread seem to "move up" in the forum so that I know that there are new posts to that particular thread and I no longer have to scroll through the forum to see if there is a new post to an older thread.

    On the "negative" side or the "Needs Improvement" side of the ledger, it would be great from a navigational perspective if the site had an expanded navigation bar at the top of the page so that users did not have to go back to a HOME (Main Discussion) page to then get to a different Forum Category (ie: going from CANADA to say for example "GOLF TIPS").

    Otherwise, like Darius, I'm pleased that we have a place for all things Titleist!

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