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By AWells

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  1. I don't know if many of my fellow canucks saw last month there was a contest that Vokey wedges put out to get new suggestions for the symbol on the Vokey wedges. They offered a prize of 3 new SM7 wedges which was kind of cool. But when I went to enter it I found it was only open to those residing in the US, C'est la Vie.

    Anyways, when I first saw a Vokey wedge I was deeply reminded of the Bentley wings when I looked at the BV symbol on the back of the wedge. Of which I thought it is very appropriate, given the man, the company, and the craftsmanship behind each wedge.

    Now I know and understand that the contest is closed, and in no way am I trying t win anything here or receive anything, I would like, if at all possible my suggestion make its way to the Vokey Team perhaps.

    Here it is: When I first read this contest, and it asked for a new symbol for the Vokey wedges, my immediate thought was when the automotive industry, littered with fine craftsmanship and fantastic companies behind them. Then at one stage the V8 revolutionized the American car industry, not to forget the whole muscle car era from which we enjoy many classics. But even before that many of the iconic cars in the 50's and 40's that paved the road that we now drive. A lot of those vehicles had a V8 symbol, which meant many many things, and had a lot of meaning behind them. So when I saw this call out for a new symbol, I thought that the B in Bob would easily fit inside the V, just as the V8 symbol does. Add Titleist to the top or not or many other configurations. Again it's just a suggestion that I hope someone at Vokey may find of interest. Below is a picture of a few symbols form cars, to help cement what I have written in words. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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  2. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    I didn't see the contest, question is were they looking for a logo for the brand or the SM8? I like your idea it, I don't think it would be hard to work a B into it.
  3. I believe it was the new symbol for the SM7's and I thought it was to replace the little saw blade in the corner of the wedge. You should be able to find it perhaps on the IG account in the US, not 100% sure on that if it is still up?

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