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  1. JIMM
    Angus, ON

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    Thankyou for the bagtag...appreciated...

    Jim Mallard Angus, Ont...

  2. Dave H
    Chatham, ON

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    Same goes for me!! What a great surprise in the mail today!
  3. 0 Posts

    How long did it take for the bagtag to arrive? It’s been months and no surprise in my mailbox yet.
  4. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    It's not automatic. Up your chances by making sure you have a full users profile filled out and occasionally post or comment on existing posts (remain active). Good luck! Hopefully soon.
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    Would be awesome I think the new bag tag looks great! Got myself a 917 d2 can't wait to game it. Was struggling with my swoosh vapor pro.


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